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My Dream

Submitted into: Miracles of Freedom Category,

On: 2008-04-04

Hello i am a 16 year old boy hoping to change the world just a few weeks ago i started a movement i have some followers but i am still starting out. My friend told me i should post my story here maybe to get some more support. Here is my Story.

I want more than anything in the whole world is for all these wars to stop all the kill and death people making warheads that can heat the earth to 10,000,000 in .0001 seconds. i hate it and want it to stop.

Many people have wanted this and failed so why will i be different? well i have had the nick name Master-Of-Freedom from when i was 10 and i just know i can do this. I have Email Greenpeace in hoping they will join me if they do this can happen by next year.

Here is my site http://master-of-freedom.8m.net/index.html its only a free one but my friend is going to host me a real site next month.


THIS is what we need to stop all the death of people that did nothing to each other just so there country can win the world get money land and rights of other people.

You might be saying im only 16 you have know cluse what your talking about. Well your wrong

Below is my plan.

The Master-Of-Freedom movement is to change the world as we know it. You may ask us why do we think we can change the world, well i cant say because i don't know i believe we can for the better. When people read this there are only two ways they will think. One they will want to try to change the world to and follow me. Two think i am crazy and just forget about it and that is 85% of the world the 15% will follow us to make this world better.

What we plan to do? The biggest thing is to unit most of the world to one country and stop most of these wars and unit to make the world better solve alot of the problems spend the time we spend on making Weapons of death and destruction spend it on making the world safer and cleaner making mankind live longer cause face it if we don't we will kill each other with these death weapons and everything that mankind has worked for will end in a single day. Does any one really want that? I don't think so, so join me in my movement and trust me we can we must change this world before its too late.

JFK once said "Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind"

Thank you for your time.