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Miracle Story


Debra Kells

The “X Factor” Miracle

Submitted into: Miracles of Freedom Category,

On: 2014-07-28 17:53:24

Several years had passed since my husband Shane had been singing in the band as lead singer. He was becoming itchy and wanted more than what this band was doing. At that time the band was playing some pubs and clubs and doing the local circuit but not frequently enough for Shane. The guy ‘driving’ the band had lost his ‘drive’. Shane still had strong intentions, passions and ambitions so he decided to leave the band to look for something else. (He came back to this original band several years later with lots of musical experiences after the ‘driver’ had left).

It was his last night with the band and they were playing at a well-known pub up the coast. This place had some great people play there and it could really rock at times- great atmosphere. The manager of the pub asked Shane to stay overnight and play with the musicians who were coming the next day (Sunday) which he gladly said yes to. After all he was looking for new experiences now.

The group playing next day had some very fine musicians indeed including one from Dire Straits. (Shane didn’t know this at the time when he was singing with them though). Shane opened up and sang- he really sang and belted out some songs and finished with a brilliant rendition of ACDC’s Long Way to the Top. He had fun! He told me later that it was easy to sing so well with the calibre of musicians behind him.

Waiting in the wings (actually out playing the pokies for his turn to come on) was one of Australia’s top guitarists. He heard Shane sing and came out to watch.   Then he came on and played his guitar with the other musicians.

After he had finished playing, this particular guitarist came up to Shane and complimented him and said, “It is rare that I hear someone sing with the same power and pitch as Bon Scott- well done.” (For those who don’t know Bon Scott – he was the lead singer of ACDC and this particular guitarist knew him personally when he was alive).

This blew Shane away-“fancy HIM saying THAT about ME, wow!” 

On the way home we passed the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Still feeling great about the days experiences and compliments, Shane set another intention, this time he said “One day I am going to sing on that stage” pointing to the Entertainment Centre.

A year or so passed and some people were getting into his ear to go on the talent show named “X Factor”. He succumbed, and after a long night of gigging, he got up early to wait with very little sleep to audition for “X Factor”.

It is quite a process doing this. Lots of people, some very talented, some very unique, some downright bazaar! We waited and waited, the auditorium was almost full and still we waited our turn. As the day wore on boredom and restlessness was starting to set in amongst the crowd waiting their turn. One of the officials decided to get only 20 people to come up on the stage to “entertain” us while we waited.  “Who wants to come up? The first 20 hands I see can come up” said the official up on the stage.

Shane put his hand up. Up he went. No music, no props, nothing but self.

We listened and watched some as they performed. Some were humorous, some were terrible, and some were good. The audience applauded politely.

It was Shane’s turn. He sang with such power and gusto and passion that he had the whole audience clapping in time and some up dancing in the aisles! The people in the back could hear him. When he finished, there were thunderous applause and whistles and even calls for more! He had fun. He was a success.

The stage…Yes, it was the Brisbane Entertainment Centre!

We realized after he came off the stage that his intention had come true again and that’s why he was there. Another Miracle!

His learning- be very clear about the language in your intention. Next time he wants to be singing and performing with a band behind him and not just auditioning for a show.


The guitarist, who complimented him all those years ago, is still frequently playing with Shane and the band as well as some other great musicians. In fact Shane has organized and is currently playing in a “Back to Basics Tour” with him and another Australian rock legend.


Debra Kells,

Morayfield, Queensland, Australia