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The Miracles Just Keep Coming

Date submitted : 2014-03-11 14:06:43
Submitted Into : Miracles of Healing & Health

I have seen many miracles in my fifty plus years of practice in the USA, Australia and of more recent time, in Ireland.

Its easy in many ways, as there are so many obvious miracles that happen in Chiropractic offices, including my own and all around the world, every day. So many that they just become common-place to us! Sometimes they can even become surreal and you think it maybe would have happened anyway, even without Chiropractic care! - Im sure you know well what I mean by that. But I guess thats the point. Its this living body that works the miracles.

What about the many unseen miracles that happen when you adjust someone, with little or no symptoms, and a terminal cancer cell is detected and destroyed, or life threatening auto-immune disease is nipped in the bud! What about when a fever is introduced to combat an infection or serious virus early in the life of a child or an infant and literally saves their life!
I would think that most of the real miracles, which happen... Read full story

Dr Paul Pringle
Belfas,Northern Ireland